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Your Guide to Commercial Real Estate

How do you choose the ideal place for your business? What does transition to the new offices entail? How can you save management resources, time and money?
And what is the connection between the color of your office walls and your success? The complete guide to commercial real estate

  • The decision to purchase or rent commercial real estate depends only on you, your needs and your expectations. Without pretending to advise you on how to act, we have put together a number of advantages which we hope will help guide you to the right path:

    Advantages of owning property:
    • You're not required to pay rent for the offices. Mortgage payments, as needed, will eventually make you the owner of the property.
    • You can sell the property whenever you decide and enjoy a capital return on your investment.
    • You can generate a steady income by renting the property.
    • You can use part of the property and rent the other part, thus generating additional business income and maximum flexibility in adapting the property to the future needs of your business.

    Advantages of renting property:
    • Tax considerations: Rent, unlike the cost of purchasing a new office, is a fully recognized expense. Rents are deducted from the business profits allowing you to pay less taxes. A business which purchases an office or commercial space will be able to receive a tax refund only on a small portion of the purchase fees, after a long period of time.
    • Maximum flexibility and ability to adapt the offices to the changing needs of the business over the years - for example, a change in activity or in the number of employees. Rent does not always reflect the real value of the property, so those who rent today at low prices relative to the property value will probably prefer to continue renting it.

  • Moving to a new office involves a large number of decisions and dilemmas. Beyond the initial decision to move, there are a variety of others, such as where to move to? When to move? What is the desired size of office for my business? Should I buy or rent office space? How will the transition affect relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees?
    And what about the logistics involved in moving to new offices? Sorting, packing, transporting and unloading, getting set up in the new office, organizing work stations, connecting computers, installing electrical equipment, closets, shelves, furniture and more. Moving to new offices can be quite a headache, but on the other hand it could be an opportunity to move to an office fully-suited for the current and future needs of your business.

  • Moving to new offices is a complex and significant decision, both on a personal and professional level. However, there are circumstances in which it is worth considering a move:

    • The number of employees has increased or is expected to grow and the size of the existing office is too small.
    • The existing work environment is no longer suited to the changing nature of the business or the way you want customers to perceive you.
    • The location is not convenient enough for your employees, suppliers, or customers.
    • The infrastructure in the existing property is not suitable for the new needs of the business.
    • Consolidation of resources - Over the years, you've added on offices like patchwork, and now your offices are located on different floors, in different buildings or even in different cities. Moving to new offices where the whole organization works together can be a solution you would like to consider.
    • Your rental period has expired or is about to expire and you cannot extend it.
    • Your business is located in an old building and requires a lot of investment in renovation and maintenance, both financially and time wise (work days, management resources, etc.).
    • Your business activity is expanding, or alternatively, you are streamlining processes or downsizing.
    • A move is a natural stage in the evolution of the organization.
    • Future forecast for growth or decrease.
    • Incompatibility - your offices do not reflect your business values, organizational culture or the image you want to create.
    • Employees are not satisfied with the office conditions, the facilities, services or location (access to public transportation, parking problems, etc.).

  • One of the most crucial decisions in moving to new offices or to a new commercial location is deciding about location. We tried to concentrate some of the considerations you should examine before making a decision:

    • Distance considerations - the place where your employees live is without doubt one of the most significant considerations affecting companies in choosing a place for their new offices. The more employees the company has, the more limited it is to distance itself from the central region, because it has to be attractive to a large number of employees. On the other hand, companies that choose to settle in peripheral areas enjoy high quality manpower at a lower cost.
    • Cost considerations - Due to the high demand and high occupancy rates of offices in the central region, prices of offices and rental fees in the city centers and in the sought-after industrial areas (Ramat Hahayal, the Diamond Exchange, the industrial areas in Ra'anana and Kfar Sava, the Science Park in Rehovot, etc.) continue to increase annually. This is the reason many companies prefer to leave the central region and move out to the periphery and enjoy larger, new and modern offices, at significantly lower costs.
    • Taxes, fees and tax benefits - Local taxes are a heavy expense for businesses, especially when large businesses require thousands of meters of office space or logistics. It is vital to check local tax rates in advance, in the city where you are considering to move to. In most cases you will find that the farther you move from the center of the country, the lower your taxes will be, and you may be able to enjoy tax benefits in areas that the country is interested in promoting.
    • Accessibility, traffic jams and everything in between - one of the most noteworthy factors is undoubtedly the issue of accessibility, for customers, suppliers and your employees alike. Daily traffic jams that invlove hours of travel to and from the office are a problem that directly affects your employees' wellbeing, satisfaction and efficiency.
    • Access to public transportation, rail and light rail.
    • Parking - lack of parking solutions for employees and guests.
    • Proximity to customers / suppliers / infrastructure - It's important to ask yourself how essential it is to be close to your customers, your suppliers, or the services and infrastructure you need. This factor can be a key element in deciding where to place your new offices.
    • An attractive work environment for employees and customers - a modern, designed complex that offers a pleasant atmosphere, proximity to a shopping center or commercial avenue (shops, cafés and a variety of restaurants), gym, swimming pool, park etc. These elements will make your employees more satisfied and spend less time on the road and much more time at work. For your customers, a work environment that reflects the nature of your business will be an important and inseparable part of your image and help them in choosing to do business with you.
    • Municipal services provided by the city you are considering to move to.
    • Image and advertising - The location of your business can be a competitive advantage, such as if it is located at a busy intersection or on a main road, and can advertise itself through conspicuous signs or interact with the customers (shop, service center or restaurant).
    • Think about the future - another important consideration in choosing the next place of your business is the future possibilities - do you have room to expand if you want to do so in the future? Is this an area with growth potential? When you will want to sell (if you own the property), will you benefit from the rising prices in the area?

  • Compared to an apartment, a new business asset (an office, a store in a commercial center, etc.) is usually delivered to its owner or to the first tenant as a "shell" - one open space, without internal division.
    The finishing and adjustment works include, among others, the internal division of the property, drywalls, ceilings, flooring and cladding, various systems (air conditioning, elevators, lighting, etc.), carpentry work (partitions, doors, etc.) . The fit-outs, which are usually carried out by the buyer or the tenant, enable the property to be adjusted for a variety of purposes according to the business needs, such as: office, shop, clinic etc.
    The advantage of purchasing or leasing an asset as a "shell" lies in the possibility of adapting the property perfectly to the customer's needs, the number of employees, the business needs and goals, budget and personal taste. On the other hand, it means that the date of receiving the key is only the beginning of a long and arduous journey that usually involves many experts (architect, interior designer, inspector, contractor, branding expert, lighting contractor, drywall contractor, etc.) and means allocating time and management resources, endless planning, design and professional decisions, and understanding the entire process till the work is completed. In the absence of appropriate experience and capabilities, this "journey" can have significant implications both in terms of budget overruns and schedule exceptions, so it is important to choose a fit-out company that can provide a perfect office space suited to your needs and budget, at the fastest time and with minimal investment on your part.

  • After the initial decision was made to move to the new office, additional questions arise - where to move to? When to move? What is the desired office space? Do you buy or rent?
    Thousands of decisions are required to reach the perfect office for you, which will suit your unique personality, needs and desires and will support your business goals in the best possible way. Ranging from a balance between open space and conference rooms, decisions on the ratio between designated seating areas and public spaces, or the debate between "clean" and elegant design or branded design, fashionable or conceptual space, and even the most basic decisions about the color of the carpets or the length of the table in the conference room.
    Even after you have made the design decisions, the journey has just begun. Now is the time to select suppliers and partners with whom you can plan and execute coordination between dozens of parties involved (property owners, consultants, planners, performers, suppliers, etc.), supervise the fit-out and adjustment work, purchasing furniture and office equipment, and deal with the complexity of transferring hundreds and sometimes thousands of employees from the old offices to the new ones.
    While most companies in the field offer you one service or another, Tidhar is one of the only companies in Israel capable of providing you with a perfect business space, with full responsibility for the entire process from A to Z - from the program stage, through architectural planning, licensing, interior design, landscaping, installation of office equipment, dismantling, packing and transporting equipment to the new offices and preparing for the arrival of your employees.

  • Security, reliability, prestige, innovation, breaking boundaries, excellent service or creativity - no matter what message you want to convey to your employees, customers and suppliers, in the competitive era in which our office is our second home, and the "face" of your organization, the design of your office space has a significant role in communicating your brand image.
    Today, companies are investing heavily in planning a brand-supporting work environment that creates an experience that will influence the way people interact with your business.
    The work environment and office space is an integral part of your employees' recruitment process, in uniting them around the values of the company and its culture, and in keeping them satisfied, dedicated and efficient. Correct interior design, based on clear goals and connected to the brand language, is a powerful tool that enables companies to express their unique identity, reflect their values, strengths and organizational culture.
    Finishing touches such as colors, textures, materials, furniture details, lighting, carpeting, plants, wallpaper, and special design elements are just some of the examples of how to "dress" a business space so that it works synergistically with brand values and goals, reflects them and strengthens them.

  • A designed, functional and convenient work environment is one of the most important parameters in optimizing work, increasing motivation and creating the right impression for guests and customers. Correct design is a design that works for you and improves the experience of employees and customers, and as a result - your bottom line.

  • Tidhar offers you a unique track that combines development, planning and construction of commercial, industrial or logistic buildings, designed and built specifically for a particular client (usually large companies) and designed for long term rental - all under one roof. Tidhar's unique Tailor Made track enables you to enjoy an up-to-date commercial building for rent, that is perfectly suited to the current and future needs of your business.

  • Tidhar owns a selection of high quality industrial, office, commercial and logistics premises, with a total area of approximately 220,000sqm, in central locations in Israel and abroad. These properties enjoy high occupancy rates and are home to leading companies. We invite you to join the hundreds of businesses that have chosen us and to find the perfect place for your next office.
    For information on the various options available, go to the list of offices and commercial areas designated for rent.

  • Tidhar's unique track enables you to move your business to the next level without investing millions of Shekels in purchasing the property. The Tailor Made track allows you to rent a building from us for a long period, and to enjoy an asset that has been designed to suit your needs in the coming years. At the end of the rental period, you can renew the agreement if the building meets your requirements, or move on to a new building. Long term rental saves huge administrative and financial resources involved in acquiring land and building a building that you own.
    The experience, engineering and managerial knowledge of the people at Tidhar, combined with the size advantage and the Group's ability in planning, licensing and execution, enable you to enjoy a variety of professional and modular rental solutions.

  • Tidhar Group's fit-out department specializes in commercial real estate and offers you a comprehensive package of solutions, including coordination, planning and hi-end execution for all finishing and envelope works, from building systems, construction and design work, to furniture and office equipment. Our fit-outs division has extensive experience in managing complex, large scale projects in record time, and will accompany you all the way to the day you move to your new offices.

  • We simply advise working with one entity, that can handle the entire process from A to Z. Tidhar provides you with a one-stop-shop solution for moving to the new offices so that you can continue to focus on work. Whether renting or buying, our people will accompany you professionally, proficiently and transparently throughout the process, from mapping your needs, planning, construction, finishing, and logistics involved in the move, to full maintenance and management throughout the rental period (in an asset we own). We will do our best to ensure that the structure you have purchased or rented will provide the optimal conditions for your success.

  • Tidhar offers you a complete set of solutions:

    • Tailor Made track - initiation and construction of a commercial property according to your requirements, including locating land, characterizing needs and program, locating and acquiring land, leading the licensing process, construction, fit-outs and occupancy.
    • Construction of business and commercial complexes in record time and at the highest standards.
    • Offices with AAA rating for purchase - in Israel's leading business complexes.
    • High quality rental solutions - long term or short, it's your choice.
    • Fit-outs and adjustment work - adapting the property to your needs.
    • A variety of logistics solutions for moving to the new building.
    • The highest level of management and maintenance of the property.

  • At Tidhar, we place your satisfaction as a central goal and put the finest administrative, human and logistical resources at your service as an uncompromising commitment to reliability, meeting timetables, budgets and commitments. To date, Tidhar has delivered over one million square meters of high quality commercial real estate in record times.
    Tidhar's unique character and its ability to operate across the entire value chain, combined with advanced management, planning and execution methods, enable us to achieve the best results in the shortest time while maximizing our added value.

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