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Our Concept of Corporate Responsibility

Even as a young company, the people of Tidhar had the passion to bring about change to influence, and to do things differently. The company’s vision was written more than 20 years ago by all of its employees at the time. Tidhar laid out its goals then: to lead the construction industry, to influence, and to contribute to society and the Israeli economy.

This vision is not just a written statement . It is the basis for the Group’s strategic plans and annual work plans.

For us, our responsibility is an obligation that is integrated into our mission, whether it is the safety of our employees, maintaining fairness and integrity, or our conduct surrounding natural resources.

Thus, as an outcome of the company’s vision, the concept of corporate responsibility of the company has also been planned and implemented, which accompanies every aspect of our activities.

Therefore, we are constantly developing our unique corporate culture, which at its core is the principle of corporate responsibility: corporate governance, society and the environment.

As the company and its activities grow, so does our responsibility to our stakeholders, the economy and the environment. We aspire to be a leading company in the field of corporate responsibility, inside and outside the industry, in Israel and abroad. This stems from Zionism, a mission, and a sense of responsibility

There isn’t a direct translation from the Hebrew so I reworded. Please let me know if you it’s not okay.

Corporate Responsibility

Code of Ethics

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